Portage Park ‘N Roll

Skating and Cookie Festival

This unique event features an inline speed skating race as well as roller derby and a cookie baking competition.

The festival’s marketing campaign focuses on Facebook marketing with ads that play up the fun combination of skating and cookies.

Logo design, ideation, digital strategy, photography & retouching, marketing, and graphic design.

I’m flabbergasted at the smiles and comments I have gotten about our promotional slides! 

— MIsty sommers, park ‘N Roll Festival —

I was completely shocked when our skate and cookie festival got mentioned on the live feed of Speed Skating Nationals.

I know it only happened because of the great ads that were shared on Facebook! I literally jumped for joy when our event took on a whole new personality when the announcer started calling it the ‘Cookie Skate in Ohio’. No one is going to forget that!

— MIsty sommers, park ‘N Roll Festival —